We have plenty of old stuff around here for me to entertain myself with. As I keep vacation tucked away in my mind(yay) (soon) I am keeping a very low profile and staying close to home. From these photos you can tell  I am about old school. Check out my Eclectic corner and see what I have done there. It’s a new day and yesterday is gone so let’s move on and enjoy today. ( ;

The water cooler and dish are not ours, although we do have a swamp cooler as they were also known as when I was a child. I was born in a an extremely hot area of So. Cal. That is what we used to try to stay cool in the 100  plus weather, sometimes it was over 115 and higher. I never did try to fry an egg on the sidewalks.. Palm Springs had charm back then.  Now it is about country-clubs and golf courses and very much a popular place for tourist. It’s not for me although during the spring and winter is does have it’s beauty. As for me I’d rather be off the beaten path…and day dreaming about the coastal beaches.

I can already feel that cold water on my feet and the much needed rest I look forward to getting.