We were seriously lost when I took this photo while walking through what seemed like an never ending maze of trails and trees .  My husband was about a mile ahead of me..and getting eaten alive by hungry mosquitos that apparently hadn’t seen a human for a long time. We were not too far from a campground and  it was not clear to us how to get to the beach so we made a decision to follow a trail that led us to a short nightmare..I can laugh about it now, but was not funny at the time. I had my camera but I was not in the mood for taking pictures until I saw this deer when I looked up from swatting the little varmints away from my face. It was probably wondering what in the world was I doing?  I did have on a hoodie so it helped somewhat. It started getting dark and the trees were creaking and I was getting freaked out… At first we tried to put the blame on the lack of  proper trail markers but I do think it was an error on our part.  We estimated that we had been there for at least two hours . It was not the first time we had been lost… I think it is time to invest in a little technology to take with us on our adventures.. (:

10 thoughts on “Lost

  1. oh, wow, I’ve been lost too, and it can get scary! So glad you found your way home. And that’s a good photo too. Really good. I can really see some fear and uncertainty in it. And how the woods/nature has the power. So a very apt photo. Thanks so much for sharing your story! Hope you get a compass/gps soon! 🙂


  2. Great. Your gift of writing and photography is SO inspiring. I am also glad you got out of that situation. We always have mosquitoes. Well, not in the winter. Then we have snowflakes and they bite in our severe temps. Love reading and looking at your blog.


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