In my  sometimes very ordinary life..as in middle aged-grandma that works part-time in a library and has three cats, life can at times seem to be very routine. So, it is during our times of getting away for a few hours that we often  encounter some special individuals that for today I am calling movers and shakers. These people have no problem getting out of their comfort zone. I  enjoy talking to them and of course taking a few photos with their permission. After church on Sunday we packed up a lunch and drove out to Forest Falls. In our particular area we cannot just walk out our front door to see spectacular fall color..We have to drive a few miles to observe the changes of the season.This young lady immediately caught my attention as we pulled into the parking lot where we were going to have our lunch. I think her gear must have weighed at least almost half of her weight..What a cute couple! Emily and Dave were preparing to head towards the Vivian Creek trail where they would hike to  High creek in the San Bernardino Mountains.                                                                                                                                            Off they went and just about this time a couple of young  men showed up and  appeared to be trail weary and happy to see their vehicle. They had completed 26 miles. All of this makes me think about  of the men and woman that have been trail blazers in history. Those that ventured out of their comfort zone to seek out a new land whether by land or by sea. To conquer new frontiers. It took courage, strength and determination. I admire them!                                                                                                                                                 Have you blazed any trails lately? I think we are all capable of being movers and shakers, trail blazers in some way. It doesn’t have to be on a dirt trail but in whatever creative ability or skill you may have..It is endless, cooking, photography, writing, music, art, dance, parenting , gardening, teaching etc. Even the lady bugs contribute!