A few years ago my husband’s sister asked all family members to design a  square piece of fabric to contribute to an  80th birthday quilt for their father.  At the time it seemed a little ominous to me. I have some experience with a few patchwork blankets but nothing too  complicated. So, we were sent our fabric and now it was up to me to brainstorm and  come up with an idea…As I thought about my husband’s family and the stories he had shared with me, it didn’t take long to decide what to do. It just happened that I had fabric that would be suitable for the project. My husband is one of nine children. He has shared numerous stories about their Joshua Tree adventures as a child. Where they could run and climb rocks and roam the area to their hearts content.

Now mom and dad were most likely needing some space and with dad working as a teacher a remote place probably had it’s appeal. Joshua Tree is unique. The best time to visit is Spring, when it comes alive with color from the wildflowers. This photo was taken in April and it was too early to observe the flowers. But we did see plenty of these..

So knowing about their escapades their I came up with this idea.. Before I proceed I want to acknowledge a couple of ladies that inspire me with their interests  in quilting…and you can find them at these links.. 1. garden2day 2.Bonniehull 3.cornbreadandbeans 

Can you tell which one I made?

This just proves that we all have it in us to create…

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