Welcome to my Mosaic Monday conglomeration.. I laugh at myself, often, when I review what I put together. It tells me that I did not get Art 101 out of my system or something. I am having way too much fun and I hope that all of this is easy on your eyes and not an eyesore.. (:    These images are from our day trip to the high desert recently. I am linking with Mary and others at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

While visiting this very small community of Randsburg,  it was suggested to us to stop at their local art gallery. I am so happy we did because I learned about an artist and I will share what I know of her one day soon.

I hope that you can see some of the details in these photos. Like whats on the chain link fence.. If you can’t, I’ll give you a hint..They are what cowboy’s wear..

At first I hesitated to post this. I was in the passengers seat of our car and took these while my husband was whisking us away from  the desert town to head for home. I think it looks kind of interesting..A watercolor sky or maybe I was in the sun too long..Lol!