just for today..i will be still…i will be quiet..i do have a will…that can take me away…it doesn’t have to be far…it’s where my thoughts settle, it’s where my thoughts are ….i can find beauty…wherever i am …in the dry desert…in the white starkness of snow…i choose to not let darkness prevail my soul…on the sunny side of life… i will set sail…and off i will go… r gould

It has been a difficult week of a few of my friends. You know who you are and your hearts have been broken by loss. So in my own way I think of you and I can’t wrap my arms around you but my thoughts wrap around your hearts…to bring comfort. On a humorous note I noticed that for a few days I had not been receiving any posts from you my friends. Talk about being cut off from the world. It seemed strange and it was only just a short time ago that  I decided to check my spam and there they were. Why, I don’t know but I found you.   (:  Life is secure now.. Lol! I want to welcome new followers here at this blog. I love being able to connect with people who have a passion for life, photography, writing, cooking, traveling and enthusiasm for being creative. Today I am thinking about loss and gain. Sometimes pain will bring us to a place of depression and discouragement. We have all been there. We have the experience but we don’t have to stay stuck there and so we push through it. So choose to fly friends, choose to set sail in whatever manner it may take in your thoughts.. Be kind to yourself and do not hurry..Take in the beauty and the calm of what your eyes see and hear the songs of what nature sings to you..