I am taking a break from my piles of paper to shred, paperwork to file and then items to give away. I have taken a few boxes of books to donate to Angel View and  another bag of books to our library. As I sort through letters and pictures of children that I have worked with over the years and a few that I have sponsored, my heart returns to the sweet memory of their faces. There were  Native youth in So. Utah where I was a teacher’s aide, teenage boys from a residential treatment center, and numerous others that I worked side by side with in classrooms of  So. California and So. Utah. All of it was a learning experience for me. So many tickled my heart and many faced huge trials in their young  lives. Like my About  page they have  all contributed to the color of my life that continues to be woven into a beautiful tapestry, into a beautiful song that only I can sing. There is a melody of music and song in  each of us. It often takes trials and hardship before the tarnish begins to wear off so that the true reflection of beauty will shine forth and for the melodious song to be heard.  There has been drama, tears, laughter and so much more in my almost 61 years. Many times I was challenged by my own choices and I can say that it has been only by the grace of God did I have the strength to carry on. My heart  is touched in this moment of recollection..And as I sit and reflect I am full and overflowing from all that my heart holds….In our back yard we have grown sunflowers. We had one huge, magnificent sunflower onetime and it was the only one like it. This image is the first of this years sunflowers and it is looking somewhat forlorn but she still makes a pretty picture. I have used different processing and you can have your pick of what appeals to you..Sepia