It’s time for an update…I am using a new device so if there are errors forgive me. It’s tiny print! We did not anticipate that we would still not be in our home.We have jumped through hoops and now the hold up is a strap for the water heater and a hinge or something on the garage door. Healthy eating has gone out the door for now and so has patience…I will try to laugh… I have not gotten any of your posts and am not sure why not as I miss them. The blessing in this is that we are spending time with my youngest daughter. She is a busy young lady, so seeing her between her two jobs and mine is special. We have a new addition and I will try to post a pic.It was another rescue job… My husband found Forest outdoors shivering and my daughter found brother or sisters little body in the street.To those of you that have written to me thank you..It will be awhile before my computer is unpacked.