I am puzzled..Why, when I can sleep in I don’t and when I have to work I want to sleep..Hmm??



I am off from work every Thursday..I am  very happy to see that my schedule will be back to normal in about a week. For months we have been short-staffed and will very soon have new co-workers. We have worked very hard to fill the gaps and I must admit it was not easy but we did it. I read something a few days ago that we do not learn by ease and luxury but in the hardness of life in the challenges. We find out what we are made of… These images are not new but they suit me for today..They are cheery! I am up early with the birds and we have plenty to do today. We are without appliances, as in for washing clothes and needing to hit the laundromat, stop at Lowe’s, and buy fabric to recover bench seats for the kitchen. May your day be a bright one!