As much as I appreciate the thought of vacation, I have been pondering on the fact that we all need to squeeze in a few minutes each to take time to smell the roses. In our case it is smelling this gardenia. Sometimes it’s hard to find that time in our fast paced life. After much activity of the weekend it was nice to sit outside this morning  and let the birds entertain me. Listening to the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees starts my day with peaceful thoughts. This sleepy community has yet to wake up and it’s wonderful to take it all in before the cars start roaring by.  The birds that occupied the water pump have flown the coop. I was kind of disappointed to not be able to see them and the little ones take off as I had hoped to capture that moment. They had other plans and made their departure when we were not home.

This Gardenia is our very first one and it’s fragrance if heavenly..