This morning I have been observing and of course taking photos of our Coral Bells that are blooming. They are pretty and delicate looking. Each little flower makes me think of the innocency of childhood.  I often relate the beauty of flowers to children. It may just be a grandma thing…But observing the soft pinks and whites makes me think of the sweetness of babies and children. This variety is called Cinnabar Silver. The long stem and cluster of tiny, bell-like blooms is striking in appearance to me.

My original thoughts this morning have been on what I consider the exploitation of children on television. It  revolves around child beauty pageants. What may have at one time been based on the fun of a child winning a blue ribbon, has gone way too far. Out of curiosity I have watched the  show which depicts the behaviors of mom’s gone overboard. It’s my opinion..I just want to see children not miss out on childhood fun, like playing with dolls, roller skating, riding bikes, playing board games, painting, coloring, jumping ropes, camping, going to the zoo and being able to observe our world of color and beauty..and having the freedom to bloom in their time, in their own child-like way.