After having gone to a funeral yesterday, I am thinking about people, family and relationships. My heart goes out to my sister in-law and their young son who lost, as she called it, the sunshine in their lives.. His passion was cars and as an owner of a car-parts store he was surrounded by car enthusiasts. As I ponder on life, death and observing, it makes me think , do we focus on what is important or lose ourselves in the superficial that brings only temporary satisfaction. Like Mick Jagger’s song, I Can’t Get no Satisfaction. I don’t know the words to the song, only the title and maybe that’s all I want to know about it. Afterwards we went to the local car show and because my heart is tender and feeling a bit of sorrow, this blue image represents how I am feeling. I actually love blue as you might have learned about me from this blog. It was tremendously hot so my enthusiasm for photo taking waned due to being overheated. This truck picture was taken in 2010 and the property of the dear man who departed and was used in the handout given at the funeral. RIP Maurice..