A few days ago I received information about an Elder that I will be assisting through a non-profit organization. Doing this means that I invest time in her life and get to know her, what she likes, as in food, needs, favorite colors etc. While thinking about her this morning it made me think about this image of different colors of thread. In order to sew anything it takes thread to do the job. I compare our lives to the thread. Each of us has a role to live out while we are here on earth. Each of us is needed to complete the job, to help finish the quilt. In order to do that it means that we need to get to know each other. If you want to get to know someone you spend time with them and ask questions. When I sponsored a child from an Indian reservation I typed up a childlike questionnaire. It was very simple and all she had to do was fill it in and mail it back to me. I feel strongly that monetary worth is of little value if there is not heart behind it and if it is not used for meaningful solutions, it contributes little. I am to be about my Father’s business. So to you my community of friends that I have gotten to know and getting to know I call it a Blessing…Each of you inspires me in a different way. Thank you!