Cats are very much a part of our lives. It all started with the rescue of one and even though we only have  four there have always been opportunities to adopt more. I think four is my limit..Yesterday my husband took our youngest addition to be spayed. He met a woman who had taken in twelve. She apparently has devoted her life to the rescue and care of cats.


Lizzy looks very demure and not like a bully but if you turn your back and has the chance she will attack Riley. I must admit that she is photogenic.. But I am not always happy with her behavior. ):

Ally is the smartest of the four. We can trust her to be outside with our supervision. When we call her name she will come to us and we think she is amazing..

This is old Hey You. She was rescued at a trailer park in 2002. My husband named her so I made the decision to give the cats their middle names. Lizzy is Lizzy Lou, Ally is Ally Tou and Riley is Riley Sou.. Oh my such originality.. I am laughing at myself…

Here is Riley in her newly painted blue bedroom. I told her that she can have her own room. Lol!  This is a photo from last week. These are our silent furry friends that keep us company. They have their moments but are devoted and don’t complain. I wrote the following poem in 2010. I must have been feeling overwhelmed or maybe just inspired.          


cats are raining all around

from the sky

to the ground

everyday there are more

i can’t even get through the door

life has come to have no meaning

all i hear are cats that are screaming

maybe it’s time to climb a mountain

cause hiking cats,

just won’t happen..

                                                     r gould