The week flew by and it is time for Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust Photo Art. I am extremely delighted to participate again. The prompt for this Friday is figure(s). My not so inclined math mind did not even think about numbers..It took awhile! But when I figured it out I searched through my files and came up with the following.

The photos used for this submission were taken at an annual Train Day event in San Bernardino, California in 2011. The engine was brand new and was out on display for all to see. I would say that this is really out of the box for myself. My next one was my first consideration. I used three photos for it. Two were taken at a beach in Oregon and one was taken in Chinatown in Los Angeles. The fact that I got to talk to one of the individuals in the photo made it extra special.

Will You Walk With Me

Participating with all of you great photo artists makes me feel like a bird let out of her cage and free to fly.. Thank you…Bonnie!