I have experienced some technical difficulties with posting my pictures and writing while using the last theme. There are some theme’s that are easier to use than others. I am using Fruit Shake because it has an appearance that I like. The combination of colors appeal to me right now.

It’s amazing how you can change the appearance of a hum drum sunflower. It’s like putting on a little makeup. And if you put on too much you might look like this.

A few days ago we stopped to look at some kittens that were for sale. The sign said part Ragdoll/Siamese. I was curious and wanted to see them. And yes, they were very cute but we are at our limit. Anyway while in the woman’s backyard I just happened to look up and was at the right place at the right time. I very seldom capture decent photos of birds. Pat at Bailey Road has some pretty incredible pictures of birds, animals and critters too.

It’s a quiet Sunday and I am lost in flight and destination unknown..