The theme for Photo Art Friday is Liquid. I am really looking forward to Fridays these days.  I have joined Bonnie and all of  the fabulous photo artists that participate. It’s like having to do a school assignment that’s fun…I debated over which images to use and narrowed it down to three. For a little background, I had taken a picture of bubbles at one of my granddaughter’s birthday parties. They were big bubbles.

Frozen In Time

In A Bubble


It helped that I had pictures of frozen drops of water. In ethereal  I used a picture of a  pond that had Choi in it. That’s what gives it a little bit of color on the right hand side. I look forward to viewing all of the submissions.  I have noticed that for some reason I am unable to leave a comment on Blogspot posts. It is frustrating because I want to respond. So, I  just want to let those of you know that I have good intentions. It may be that if I use another one of my email addresses it may work. I’ll keep trying.