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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

May 21, 2013

Children roam, grassy hills

chasing butterflies, out for child like thrills

lion and lamb sit and watch

toddlers running and tumbling

and having fun..

flowers bright and trees so tall

fruit is falling

it’s a free for all

faces beaming

no more dreaming

happy and contented

somewhere over the rainbow

children are safe and free

whole and healthy

waiting for you and me…

r gould

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  1. May 21, 2013 7:49 PM

    Again.. so very lovely πŸ™‚


  2. May 22, 2013 4:16 AM

    BEautimous. That is my favourite song ever and what a JOY to see/hear it this morning along with your generous kindness about my birthday giraffes. xoxo


  3. May 22, 2013 1:28 PM

    In light of the Oklahoma tornados, this is especially poignant. Did you happen to see the interview with the woman whose dog emerged from the rubble while she was being interviewed? You can see it here. If that’s not Dorothy and Toto, I don’t know who they could be!


    • May 22, 2013 7:11 PM

      Oh wow! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention…How precious!


  4. May 22, 2013 4:09 PM



  5. May 23, 2013 1:57 AM

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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