Where You’ll Find Me

I think I may have used this title before but it seems to fit for this post today… For the gardeners at heart… I can see myself tinkering around a place like this. Helping plant enthusiasts with their purchases. I think we plant lovers are happy people or at least we set aside our bad days with digging in the dirt and getting it under our fingernails.. Which reminds me that I have some Snapdragons to plant.. (:


16 thoughts on “Where You’ll Find Me

  1. What a charming place. Is that a nursery or your home? I love it. Out west yard decor is so interesting–maybe because summers are longer and you can live outdoors for more months. But up in the Colorado mountains there are charming little towns and yards, and summers are not so long there.


    1. Hi Margaret, this is behind an antique store we discovered in Orange, Ca. Yes, I was drooling too because they had some unusual plants> My husband found a number of fun items and we had so much fun taking in items of days gone by…


  2. We love also plants and flowers. When living in our own detached house we had plenty of different flowers. My wife took care of them and I assisted her. Now in our new home town when living in an apartment house we have to enjoy other people’s flowers.


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