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IMG_4492It was quite unusual for Lizzy to be outdoors sitting on my husband’s lap yesterday morning. She loves him, but she does not venture out often. First of all I sometimes think she is scared of her own shadow and second of all her first experience outside when we moved was traumatic. She was chased by a feral cat and ended up with a wound on her bottom. I am sad to say that because we thought it would be a good idea to brush her fur, she freaked out and ran from our home. My husband tried to follow her but she kept running.. IMG_4431Lizzy Lou..

Lizzy is a lap cat and very sweet one on one but she has no tolerance for Riley who is just over a year. I would have to get on her case often because she would try to beat her up. So, I think if she can remember to continue terrorizing Riley, hopefully she can find her way home…if she can stay away from the wild cats…