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FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt


The Showing

As Miranda rested her hand on her stomach, her baby-boy stretched his legs, as though to remind her, that he would see her in a few weeks. It brought her comfort, as she fought back tears of not seeing  Brandon’s grandfather among the guests. Brandon, had been raised in a household of very strict religious beliefs that frowned on intimacy before marriage. It was a shock to his family. At this moment, Miranda recalled the heated words Mr. Davis spewed out towards them in his anger.  She vowed to shelter her son from any disappointment in his life. Hopefully when Jeremy was born he would win over  his great grandfather’s heart.  Miranda did not know if God heard her feeble prayers. She had heard from Brandon that God would forgive them and that he was a God of love and understanding. She thought if God was that understanding why couldn’t Mr. Davis forgive them too. As she pondered it was a bittersweet moment. She sighed and took a deep breath and just as she turned her head she caught a glimpse of great grandpa Davis. She was so relieved she could have jumped for joy, but instead,whispered a quiet, thank you!


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