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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a very special request from Kellie Elmore. To get all of the important details, please visit her  blog. Kellie is the host to this weekly meme that has recently spurned me to participate. A precious baby boy is needing our good thoughts and prayers. Today we have the option of using two different prompts. You will see what I have chosen, by reading the words below.

Dearest baby Khole

Jesus loves you

This I know

For my Bible tells me so

On angels wings

Do I send my prayers

Entrusting God, for your care..

Many hearts are all in one accord

Extending our thoughts through love of words

Believing for you to be strong and sound

What looks like a mountain today is only really a mound..

For it’s Faith that moves mountains

And there’s belief in my heart

That you are getting better

Despite a rough start…