A Delicate Balance

We had an opportunity recently to stop and take a look at Monarch Butterflies that cluster yearly at a few different locations in California. There were plenty of photographers taking pictures and several docents offered their knowledge to visitors that had questions.


Looking up as I did, they appeared to be camouflaged as they clustered among the leaves and branches of the Eucalyptus trees


Even though it appears to be sunny, it was later in the afternoon and shadows were setting in


It was fascinating to observe. Butterflies are beautiful and delicate. To learn of how far they travel is amazing.

15 thoughts on “A Delicate Balance

  1. When I grew up in Iowa, we often saw their caterpillars on the milkweed – not quite as beautiful but completely intriguing. And now and then their flight path takes them through Texas. They’re usually west of me. One year I was visiting friends and got to see a real migration – so many butterflies!

    I’m glad people are becoming more aware of the problems they face, and are more willing to put forth effort to conserve their habitat.


  2. This really is a wonderful experience to have. When Dear and I were living in Camarillo we headed north along the coast one weekend and were able to see the Monarchs close to Pismo Beach… amazing sight!


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