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We found ourselves trekking through the snow a few days ago. There is something about snowfall that compels me to go outdoors. I guess it could be because I was deprived of it, in my youth.

DSCN3744This morning I overheard a conversation on television. They were talking about how children are not permitted to say Merry Christmas in school. I don’t know whether this is written in cement or not. Growing up in the fifties it was ok… to say Merry Christmas! I will stay with this and not conform to our world’s standards. Yes, I respect other faith’s and beliefs. America has always been a melting pot of different cultures. People have had the freedom of speech and can pretty much fling around all kinds of filthy words without a problem. I will stand my ground and not that I want to offend anyone. That is not the point. It is about my faith, my belief that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. I love all of the Christmas songs that I learned in school as a child. It was not a big deal. Now everyone takes offense. There is beauty in this season. I will continue to abide by what I have learned and come to know.. Besides the man upstairs has gotten me out of many a pickle..