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Like these Llama’s we’ve kept our focus. Our belongings that traveled from Southern, California, to Portland and then to our place of residence, got here on Friday. We had it unloaded on Saturday. It was a remarkable feat, considering it took us a week to fill it up.. To top it off I am not on the floor typing..


Thank you, to those of you that offered words of encouragement along the way of our relocation. It was a really big deal for me, having lived most of my life in California. Just driving through California was a bit nerve-wracking, and now I can laugh at myself as I reminisce,on how tight I gripped the steering wheel, driving though the Los Angeles area. Stockton was another challenge for me too. This new lifestyle will offer me the ability to ride my bike, yay! We will have new sights to see and I look forward to getting back to the business of photography and writing, and spending quality time reading your posts and viewing your pictures. (: