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I see signs of blue sky this morning and I marvel at the beauty of what I see. It has been a month now that we started our journey north. I give all thanks to my creator for the safety in travel and for those that we have come to know in this time. We are getting it together on the home front. Pulling out possessions and figuring out where to place them. Our front yard is being worked on and we got appliances yesterday, so we will be cooking with gas. We have eaten one really good homemade meal, cooked by a delightful woman, we have met and  allowed us to rent out a room in her home with our four cats. That was for a week and she never showed sign of stress or being bothered by our temporary residence. We have gotten acquainted with the young builder/businessman of the housing development. I very much admire his work ethics. He and sub-contractors put in very long days. So far I love seeing chickens that run freely, barns and bridges that will offer many photo opportunities. Even the fog adds a mysterious look and I enjoy taking it in. We look forward to the challenge of transforming the back yard. Images of Dogwood trees, Rhododendron’s, Maple trees, Peonies and more dance in my head. It’s a new chapter and each day a new page is written…and we will bloom where we’ve been planted.