No Laughing Matter


This morning I am trying to keep up with Rumpy Dog and maintain a sense of humor. If you need to laugh, you can check it out here. Winter is taking a toll on many and it is no laughing matter. At times like these we are looking for any sign of spring.. I am not a proper poet and I do know it but I hope you can find some sunshine or a chuckle, in these words..

battered and bruised

i’m no longer amused

while hearing the news

of what winter has done..

can we please see the sun?

i make this plea

between you and me

that i will surely faint

or resort

 to a can of spray-paint

and i’ll color the snow

so that it will glow..

bright green

8 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter

  1. I know another blogger who’s posted a big screen square on her blog, just to have something green to look at! It’s not quite as vibrant as yours, though. We did have sun all day today, so I can assure you the sun’s still out there.


  2. That’s funny..Linda! Actually I am coping and fine with what comes as there are many that are really dealing with severe stuff. But I am sure we are all in agreement that spring is welcome to show up anytime..


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