Flower Abstract

Collages65-012It’s a very bright day today, in my life! It’s Photo Art Friday..I look forward to this meme each month. It’s fun to cut-loose with photo art and just see how far-out I will go.Β  There are many wonderful textures to choose from Bonnie’s selection. The theme for March is ABSTRACT: Flower. If you are stuck in the doldrums of winter, stop by for a visit, you will experience an instant boost.

25 thoughts on “Flower Abstract

  1. Hope everyone click on the image to enjoy the larger view – it is so beautifully textured. Just lovely. Thank you for the kind words, Roberta.


  2. Such lovely colors to put some Spring into my day. We are finally warming up a bit. Love how the flowers overlay one another but yet can see each one. The texture adds nicely. I too love that I’ve discovered PAF and Bonnie’s textures are so great. Having fun visiting and seeing what everyone is sharing. πŸ™‚


    1. Hello and thank you for visiting! I was thrilled when I came across Bonnie’s blog and textures. It sure has opened up a door of inspiration and creativity. So much fun!


  3. This is so lovely, bright and cheerful. I liked your short story too, great for the photo prompt. I also just love the gate you posted before this post! What an imagination to be able to do that! Thanks for visiting me x


    1. Thank you Miriam! I know that there are many that have had enough of winter. So that is what was on my mind at the time. I am happy to hear you liked my short story too and the gate as well. Thank you so much for stopping by..


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