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To Live Again

The floor creaked as Emma Jean rocked back and forth, nervously twisting her handkerchief. The ticktock of the clock seemed to be louder than she had ever heard it. Time was dragging and as she sat and waited she began to doubt that her visitor would show up. She got up to check the fire and noticed that her stack of wood was dwindling. With a break in the weather, she would have to chop wood the next day. The flames from the fire danced along on the sides of the bricks and it brought back memories of when she was a young girl and loved to dance. It was common to dance as a child. Her pa was an expert when it came to fiddle playing. He had long been deceased and it had been many years since she heard the music that brought joy to her heart. Emma had prepared a simple meal for Johnny, in hopes that he would stay long enough to eat what had at one time been his favorite meal. She had not forgotten the day he had walked out of her life. He was only seventeen. For years she withheld the truth from him of her giving a baby-girl up for adoption. At fifteen, Emma Jean knew she was not prepared for motherhood. When her pa found out he took a switch to her. She flinched for a moment as though being beaten for just a minute. Those were dark days and she tried to push them aside.Johnny had grown up thinking that he was an only child. He had always been tender-hearted and was always watching out for any animal or person that had a need.Johnny was twenty-seven now.She had heard very little from him in ten years. The day he left Emma Jean shutdown emotionally. She could not bear the reality of losing yet another child. Working at Mockingbird Diner gave her enough to get by on. Her worn black leather Bible had become her companion in life.” Though I walk in the shadow of death I will fear no evil.” She read the Twenty-third Psalm over and over again. It brought her comfort in the night when she dreamed of seeing her son one day. She read that God heard the prayers of the people, but she wondered at times if he listened to hers, or if he would answer them. All of a sudden the revving of a vehicle coming up the road startled her and she jumped to her feet. She looked out the window and there was dust flying and she felt weak in her knees. She ran to the nearest mirror, pinched her cheeks and straightened her blouse and skirt. She winced at her reflection of a thin tired looking woman,but her heart immediately leaped as she felt the warmth of her blood surge, as though coming to life, once again.

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