Floral Friday Foto

DSC_0186When I saw this, it was love at first sight..

DSC_0184I know it’s a Magnolia

DSC_0189I have no experience with them

DSC_0187But wouldn’t mind having one in our yard.

You can join this challenge at Floral Friday Foto

oops! I’m too late..I’ll try again next Friday…


9 thoughts on “Floral Friday Foto

  1. Loved browsing your page..you have such interesting pictures and love the writing. I’ve done NanNowriMo a couple of times and have two novels that I’ve been working on that may never end up anything. Use to belong to a writing group and it was fun. The writing challenge looks like an interesting meme. Indies Unlimited has one similar and then people vote on which is the best. Love the chicken and the baby goats? picture and the fence is definitely interesting. Great blog Roberta. I’ll be back soon to finish reading your story about the house. πŸ™‚

      • I got my mother’s African violets before she killed them off, and I transplanted them, and they’re growing and blooming like crazy. Have been for three years. I can do them, and Christmas cactus. Those are my specialties – I don’t mess with anything else.

        That magnolia’s so interesting. It’s quite different from the ones we have. I gather there are many different varieties – I only know the Southern magnolia, with huge, white, waxy blooms.

      • Well you have the touch, as does my friend in CA. African violets are lovely, but I guess they need the right lighting or something..That’ wonderful to hear and I just might try again.. Yes, this one is quite different…

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