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Hanging Out

March 28, 2014



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  1. Ellen permalink
    March 28, 2014 4:11 PM

    Looks like a great spot!


    • March 28, 2014 5:38 PM

      We didn’t know our way around Albany, and this was the first place that caught our eye.


  2. March 28, 2014 4:33 PM

    Those tulips are scrumptious! They remind me I was going to go to the grocery and see what they have in terms of spring flowers. Sometimes they have forsythia – I might promise myself some if I get my housecleaning done this weekend!


    • March 28, 2014 5:39 PM

      Get to work Linda, so you can get some flowers… We have found that flowers are really reasonable at our local grocery store.


  3. March 28, 2014 4:45 PM

    Love the tulips, fish and chips sounds good!! 🙂


    • March 29, 2014 1:00 PM

      I had an interesting shrimp salad with shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, celery and chinese noodles. It was crunchy and good!


  4. March 29, 2014 7:52 AM

    The red tulips look great outside that shop.


  5. March 29, 2014 11:59 AM

    Very happy tulips!


  6. March 29, 2014 1:08 PM

    I love the tulips against that old building. Can’t wait for ours to start blooming. xo LAura


  7. March 30, 2014 1:27 PM

    Love the tulips but oooooo I’d like to eat there. Looks cozy, Roberta.


    • March 30, 2014 3:41 PM

      It was a first time experience.. We just might go again someday…


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