Photo Art Friday: Quirky Selfie

It’s time for Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust Photo Art.  The theme for this month is Quirky Selfie.  I don’t think it will make headline news, but, I do think it is  quirky. I won’t say too much about it, as I’d rather have you observe it first.

Downloads127-007take #1

pdpa Digital Dust Texture Set38-005take #2

pdpa Digital Dust Texture Set38-009take #3

ps   after this I made an appointment to get my haircut


26 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday: Quirky Selfie

  1. Photo Art Friday has served many purposes, but a prompt for a haircut is a new one!! 😉

    Such a creative selfie, Roberta and love the text applied to the towel. I’m partial to the first one and the last one.

    • Hi Victoria! I lived in the desert area for years. Graduated from Palm Springs High. My mother owned a house near Ramon Rd and my sister lives there now. My brother lives in Palm Desert. Lots of memories tucked away. We, my husband and I lived in Yucaipa for nine years and then moved to Forest Falls up highway 38 for almost two years and moved here to Oregon on Christmas day with our four cats..

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