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DSC_0032My heart has been moved after finding out that a young mother whom we have only met one time, lost a child, in a car accident not too long ago. When I heard this my heart has been silently crying for her.  As Mother’s Day approaches and many of us are thinking  of a loved one, I am thinking of the one’s that are grieving for a child that they will see no more. The following are spur of the moment words, from my heart.

let me, put me, on the shelf, Lord

and put pity party aside

put worldly and empty chatter

away, Lord

and walk along your side

take away the vanity

and all of the insanity

thinking I am so entitled

to what, really

does not matter

let me, put me, on the shelf, Lord

and may I walk with those in pain

may I put on Compassion

which often is not the fashion

for these trying and dark days

put me, on the shelf, Lord

and my selfish desires be put away

so I will see with new eyes

who needs a helping hand each day..

So I write with heart-felt words for those that hurt and are in sorrow, for a loss, or for a prodigal child that you are missing.. I weep with you today…