Short Notice


cropped-dsc_0954.jpgIn Life we are not given notice of what the next day will bring. Often because of illness we may be informed as to a time frame of what one may have, left to live. Yesterday as I sat and had a cup of tea at my pity party, I could not quite shake what I was wallowing in. Between my sensitive heart and my fragile demeanor at the time, I could not see beyond the scope of my feelings. As I sat, there were many needs that I could have been focusing in on. Tons of situations to be prayerful about. My world has been shaken today. God has His plan and His purpose for each of us, and in our puny (my) minds, we cannot understand nor see the total picture. We are given our lives to live to the fullest and because we are human we have our moments of discouragement, illness, sorrow, pain and so on. Our mental health is really important and I could not live without  spiritual guidance from above. Each day we hear of atrocities and we wonder about the mental health of the one that had access to weapons, it really is perplexing. But, I know what I can do and am capable of. I am given what I need, when I need it. It is up to me to feed on the goodness of the word that brings life and sustenance to my soul. Taking time to stop and be still, and know that He, who formed me in my mother’s womb, is God.


19 thoughts on “Short Notice

      1. Very sorry to hear that. We are all just one phone call from our knees… Something I’ve personally experienced and one of the reasons my life is in an upheaval of change for progress.


  1. Beautiful Roberta… while life can seem to be so cruel at times, your courage and strength shines through the darkness. I know you will be able to face whatever obstacles that come your way.


  2. Good morning, Roberta. I made a comment yesterday but I have no idea where it went. Hope this will not end up as a duplication.

    I am sorry to hear about your cousin. I applaud your strength and strong faith. You inspire me!


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