Chain of Events

dscn5134-002.jpgI am not a spring chicken. I have mentioned that before and so I consider myself as a late bloomer, when it comes to creative endeavors. I have tapped into my right brain and am having so much fun. I believe we are all given talents and abilities. Many grasp on to that understanding early in life. That’s a good thing! But then there are some of us that have lacked confidence or encouragement to explore and see what we are capable of, if we just try.

9 thoughts on “Chain of Events

    1. Hi Julie, you live a very special lifestyle. I’ d be taking pictures too of every little thing that pops up! Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for us soon,in our back yard, but some neighbors invited my husband to include him in on planting in their garden. Very kind of them! So he planted some veggies and we will all be sharing.


      1. Oh thank you Roberta. I also think that we lead a very special lifestyle too. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but we love it. I think that is amazing that you can use your neighbours garden. Brilliant idea! 🙂


  1. There’s an old saying here in Texas, and probably in many other places, too: “You never try, you never know.” And, as Alan Kay says, “If you aren’t failing 90% of the time, you aren’t trying hard enough.”


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