In the Kitchen

kk_oct22set4I decided that this was the easiest way to share my baking experience. I am glad that I did this a few days ago, as it’s pretty hot today. The muffins were better the next day. The vanilla in the jar is what I attempted to make months ago. I should have used more vanilla beans to make it stronger. Next time!


18 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. They look just wonderful. Those are good-looking blueberries, too. I often add a little lemon zest to mine — I’m really fond of blueberry and a hint of lemon.

    • Hi Judy, I was thinking about cookies too, yesterday! But the heat won over. The last time I made cookies we were living at at higher elevation and after a few tries of flat cookies, I gave it up. lol! It should be different now..

    • Thank you! They (were) good but next time I will try half whole wheat and half unbleached to lighten them up.. Mosaics are fun! In fact look up Mosaic Monday.. I used to participate. I’ll have to go back to visit. If you can’t find it I’ll get the link for you..

  2. Hmmm. Second post I’ve read today with photos of luscious, delicious blueberries. A sign from the Cooking Deity to get in the kitchen? I think I have a blueberry scones recipe somewhere. Lovely!!!

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