Halfway to the True North Strong and Free!

I would nominate them for the cutest Pacific Crest Trail hiker couple award, if there was one,,,

Dan & Tara Hike the PCT 2014

Halfway to Canada!! Halfway to Canada!!

June 29 – 1197 to 1220 + 1 mile side trail from Sierra City (24 miles)
June 30 – 1220 to 1250 (30 miles)
July 1 – 1250 to 1272 (22 miles)
July 2 – 1272 to 1292 (20 miles)
July 3 – 1292 to 1315 (23 miles)
July 4 – 1315 to 1344 (29 miles)
July 5 – 1344 to 1366 (22 miles)
July 6 – 1366 to 1388 (22 miles)


We started June 29th in Sierra City, the unofficial northern end of the Sierra mountains. The Red Moose cafe opened at 7am. We’re so used to getting up early now that we were waiting outside before the doors were unlocked. Breakfast was eggs and sausage (Lorax) and pancakes (T-Fox) accompanied by bottomless coffee. It was great. Not great in the sense of high quality food, but great in that a non-oatmeal breakfast with semi-decent…

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