Life In A Bubble

Memorial Day Duo3

toil and trouble

can we live in a bubble?

that doesn’t burst

and no one gets hurt..

where crimes are not committed

 meanness prohibited..

 kindness is mandatory

and integrity compulsory..

i think i will buy

some Bubblicious today…


6 thoughts on “Life In A Bubble

  1. Your post resonates on two counts — a couple of years ago I actually had a craving (out of nowhere!) for Bubblicious. I was thrilled to learn they still make it. Love that soft, chewy, sweet goodness. Not on a regular basis, mind you. Just every now and then!

    On a more somber note the news of late is a bit of a downer. In a not so distant past life I was a bit of news / political junkie and found that the constant swirl of 24×7 news, news, NEWS was wearing me down. We got rid of cable and while I do try to keep somewhat abreast of what’s happening in the world I’m more at peace not being drowned in it every day. Still though the happenings across the country and the globe are wearisome — and worrisome! — indeed.

    OK. Not the note I wish to end this on! I have several blog post ideas and hoping to pump out some new outlets of creativity this weekend! Hope it’s a good one for you as well. 🙂

  2. Hi Bobbie! I truly do wish we could live in that bubble. Miss your company so much, and your yummy treats! 🙂

    Other Mama Hen

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