DSCN7616-001*Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children* Charles Swindoll


18 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. What a great angle of capture for your picture. Love the little arm sticking out. Can just imagine how fun to see the little one’s expression as the piano is played. 🙂

    • I took a couple of pictures of the little guy with his dad’s ok. It was a very warm day, so by the time I came around, he looked a bit sleepy. His dad was singing along with his playing. I will have to share another picture. The song was so pretty and now I wish I had asked what he was singing. Apparently the city of Corvallis was going to have some kind of music event and the young man told me that they put out about five pianos at different areas to promote the event.

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