Just a Tinge


As I feel a slight tinge of coolness, it takes me back to this slightly out of focus photo, that I took on our way back home from Eugene. As I have mentioned before, I do like to capture what I can as a passenger. Yesterday evening I was having to hunt for paperwork and I came across some letters from boys that I worked with in a residential treatment center. I admit, I was not well qualified for the position, but my best skill was in listening. I looked forward to the times that I got to sit with the group and let them pour out their concerns. Well, time was limited and there were some that found it easier to open up. That was a very special experience in my life. It was brief, but it taught me the importance of being a good listener. We don’t always have the right answers, or even have to say anything. Sometimes our eyes and expression will say it all. It broke my heart at times to listen to the hurt and disappointment in their voices as they vented. We are all travelers on this earth. We have an opportunity to make a difference in some way, as a parent, as a husband, wife, sister, brother, friend, teacher, acquaintance,employee, volunteer, and neighbor. We all fall short but when we do, we get up again and again and strive to do better, be a better person in this world. As the calamities increase on earth many are wondering where are we going in all of this. For my part I want to be a peacemaker, I want to listen, I want to see the beauty and the decay, as it reminds me of the frailty of human nature on earth. Non of us is exempt from wrong doing, but we all have room to grow and learn.

Come let us all reason together, says the Lord…..


18 thoughts on “Just a Tinge

  1. I really like the photo. Beyond the image itself, it’s such a great symbol of the way I think the world appears to many of us these days — out of focus. And your point is right on. We may not be able to do anything directly about Syria, or Russia, or Iraq, but we do have opportunities to treat our neighbors with dignity and respect, and right the wrongs in our own backyard without demonizing those we disagree with.

    That’s how it seems to me, anyhow. But gosh — I’d love to hop that freight!

  2. I often think, โ€if we could just be kind to one another. If we were, and then we paid it forward, and it snowballed exponentially, how great that would be.” If only…
    Fabulous shot. Doing your part to pay it forward. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My husband read a book once by Dale Carnegie in which he talked about how (paraphrasing here!) folks will think you’re a great conversationalist if you are a really good listener. I think there’s some truth to this although a major pet peeve of mine is when people don’t reciprocate.

    I’m more than willing — eager even! — to ask questions in order to learn more about other people, what they’re like, what their interests are, what makes them tick, even what they did over the weekend. But it irks me no end when there is no tit-for-tat. Some people are, methinks, really clueless when it comes to their lack of reciprocity. Is it really so difficult to take an interest in the other person — or to feign a curiosity if only to be polite?!?!


  4. Sweet, Roberta… such great words of wisdom and the photo goes so well with it. Seems like an easy task but not everyone is able to learn to listen well.The other day, I saw a little boy talking to his mom — just chatting away. The mom was so engrossed in her smart phone that she really wasn’t listening to what her son had to say. She certainly didn’t teach him how to listen with full attention. It’s unfortunate, but as we become more advanced with technology, less and less people are learning how to communicate and listen with kindness.

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