Their Adventure continues on the PCT…

Dan & Tara Hike the PCT 2014

August 22 – 4 miles on Goldmyer alternate
August 23 – 23 miles on Goldmyer alternate + 2438 to 2441 (26 miles)
August 24 – 2441 to 2469 (28 miles)
August 25 – 2469 to 2476 (7 miles)

“I was still stiff and weary at the end of the day – that never stopped – but I had reached the point that aches and blisters were so central a feature of my existence that I ceased to notice them.”  – Bill Bryson, on walking the Appalachian Trail.

Our 8th wedding anniversary photo...classy! Our 8th wedding anniversary photo…classy!

August 22 – 4 miles

Slept like an exhausted hiker – deep and soundly. Pure heaven!

We leave Snoqualamie today, even though we had allotted the entire day off. We do this often where we push to town so we can have more time off, and then decide to head back to the trail early. I’m not sure…

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