Dahlia Day 5

DSCN7960I want to acknowledge and say ” Thank You,” to all newer readers that have decided to follow Words Like Honey. You have not gone unnoticed.. You are now, new woven colorful threads in my unfinished tapestry of life.


6 thoughts on “Dahlia Day 5

  1. I just realized I’ve not been seeing all your photos as clearly as I should because — when I run my cursor over the photo, it’s like a veil comes down over it. I have to move the cursor out of the way. Is it supposed to do that? I don’t understand all these fancy new options. 😉

    In any event, I got out of my own way, and found these were the prettiest you’ve shown us. Well, at least in my opinion. And look at those pretty, cupped petals. They’re just lovely. I’m not sure what to call the color. Salmon, maybe? The name doesn’t matter at all. They’re beautiful.

  2. Red is one of my favorite colors on certain objects and these just made me think ….ewe what a beautiful display of a favorite flower in a gorgeous color. Don’t think I’ve ever had red ones. Lovely.

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