Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy

kk_times24-001I am linking with Texture Tuesday. I don’t have a lot of experience growing flowers from seed. So far I have had success with Sunflowers and Zinnia’s. They may be the easiest to grow. Lol!  I have usually always purchased  the flowers and then planted. Not all of them would last, especially the Gerber’s. Although, I do have some Viola’s that are still looking good, despite the heat of summer. I was not sure which image I preferred, so I am including both images for today’s theme of Free and Easy.


17 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy

  1. Love them both!

    I’m reminded of the time my Grandma taught me how to ‘start’ an apple tree. Take the seeds and keep them moist between paper towels. You have to remember to keep them wet and I never got very far in the process. However, I do recall seeing a bit of a sprout emerging from the seed once. Youthful impatience, I suppose, kept me from staying on task.

    I should give that a try again sometime perhaps! 🙂


  2. Really like the tone of your photos. I too usually purchase and plant annuals, but this year I did do some bachelor button and zinnia seeds. There was, I think on Pinterest, a hint to cut the toilet paper rolls and tuck one side to use for soil to use as a seed starter and then just plant the whole thing so I did keep some and the grandson and I started them inside. He was so happy because when we planted them outside it seemed only his survived. I think I put them out too soon. Love how you processed the pictures. 🙂


    1. Hi Peabea! I really like the toilet paper idea. I will have to try it. As time goes on I will experiment with other kinds of flowers. I thank you for sharing your kindness with me..


  3. I think the only flower that I was successful in planting from seed was the cosmos. They grew wild and lovely in a little pot we have.


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