DSCN8416her world

has been turned

upside down


for running


has waned

no longer eager

to explore,

for four dogs

have moved

in next door

although confined


to a small space

in their world

they wait


to be free

to roam

in their


which is their home

and she our cat

seems to care

that her own


is not there

so she looks

forlorn to me

her world turned

upside down

is what she sees.

16 thoughts on “Forlorn

    1. Terry, it is interesting because she has always been our explorer. She is very bright, she will fetch her toy mice and have my husband throw it and she will bring it back. When we moved here she would walk on the fence and disappear for a bit and then return. Now she is very hesitant, even though they are penned up in their kennel. So I am not sure if it’s their odor or what, or maybe she got chased by them when they moved in.. I’ll never! Our youngest one has no problem and loves being in the backyard..


    1. Julie, once you start there’s no turning back. Photography and the artistic aspect of it have brought me so much joy and for one(me) who not had many artistic accomplishments it has opened a door to much creativity and inspiration…You go girl…

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    1. I know it makes feel sad for her..we called her Dora the explorer.But she is a miss smarty pants and she can entertain herself with her stuffed toy mice and have a lot of fun, more so that our other cats..


    1. I think it would be wonderful to have a barn and let cats roam but bring them in, I guess if we were farmers or ranchers, that might be their way of life.But since it isn’t we all want them to be safe…


  1. My Dixie never goes outside, and seems perfectly content. She has a chair next to the computer, where she can lay and watch the birds at the feeder and water bowl, not four feet away. Even when the window’s open and there’s only a screen between her and her “prey”, the most she’ll do is chatter at them for a minute, and then go back to sleep.

    Of course, she’s fourteen now, and now as frisky as she once was. But she seems happy, and her vet says I’ve probably added five years to her life — if not more — by keeping her inside. I tend to agree. When the coyotes come through, the outside kitty population tends to decline. 🙂


    1. We’ve never permitted our cats to roam and they have most always been indoors. Since we moved and have a decent backyard, Ally the Siamese and Riley would go out to sun themselves and Ally would venture off a bit. I have found Riley sleeping under a sunflower or the little Magnolia tree. She has chased moths and observed frogs.. hopefully has not tried to eat! I think we don’t miss what we’ve not experienced., but they are better and safer away from predators…


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