Orange You Glad

Oops! I meant to say aren’t you glad you stopped by to visit. Lol! We went to a car show today. There were lots of cars and a few vintage trailers. Most of the cars were all decked out with shiny chrome and paint. It was fun talking to some of the owners of the trailers. They appeared to be enjoying their time camping out for the weekend. Since we have moved to Oregon, it seems that there are an endless amount of family, friendly activities. Most of the events are free and they are fun and wholesome. When was the last time you heard that word..Wholesome? There are plenty of healthy activities to do and get involved with. It is so nice to see it… I am unable to post any more photos, so it looks like I may need to do some cleanup before I can share more photos of this car and trailer..

DSCN8731I have decided to go ahead and manually resize my photos until I make space to continue..


17 thoughts on “Orange You Glad

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  2. oh wow, wow!! now that is the stuff dreams are made of!! just beautiful!! oregon sounds like a nice place to live! i’m sorry you can’t post more photos just yet … didn’t realize there was a limit. i also have a wordpress photography site, but lately i’ve been on my blogger account. have yet to decide which i like best. you had commented on my last post and complimented my site, and the music. thank you! that’s one reason i’m still on blogger … don’t know how to get music onto my wordpress account! :/ i’ll be looking forward to more of you photos from the car show!

    • Hi Deborah, so nice to hear from you. I was at fault to not sizing my photos. I don’t know what the upgrade would cost but then I was thinking that I could slowly do it manually. Just tedious.. I have bounced back and forth between blogger and wordpress. There are many aspects of blogger that I like. Friends connect has changed and then I used my gmail account which was like foreign to me. There are still things here at wordpress that I am unsure about too. Still learning.. I will visit you, so we can stay in touch. Enjoy your day!

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