Why, Why, Why?

Today our world is all abuzz with questions…The why’s of many unanswered questions.

DSC_0025-003The sunflowers are looking more ragged each day, but the little birds of a feather don’t care. They are getting fed.

DSC_0032-002Look at the two little faces on the left. They appear to be looking at me. I wonder what they are thinking?

DSC_0052Despite the wind, they were busy chomping away.

DSC_0063-002Look at this!



7 thoughts on “Why, Why, Why?

  1. How cool is that? His eye is on the sparrow, the finch, the oriole and all the other creatures f the earth – including us

  2. Very true on the unanswered questions. Some make me nervous for the future of our/my children and beyond, but then I’m reminded to just be trusting of Jesus’ promise. The little birds are trusting that they’ll find the sunflowers same as we are trusting to find answers. Your post also reminds me of the way humans can find/provide answers for the needs of others the way you found an answer for the birds by providing the sunflowers. 🙂

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