Toodle Lu


Later alligators..Mother Hen needs much-needed time away from the computer. She has fall cleaning to do, work on cleaning up photo archives, and will be tackling a few new challenges and hopefully will come back inspired, refreshed and ready to go. She does wish she had a cool vintage rolling oldie to take her away, but her two feet will have to do. Mother Hen will work on her photography skills too while she is away. Take care of yourselves, be nice to each other and don’t forget to say your prayers…

THANK YOU.. for all being such an inspiration…


15 thoughts on “Toodle Lu

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      • A good reminder for me then as I contemplate retiring myself in the next couple of years! Right now it seems like there are so many things I’d love to do more of if only I had the time. I hope to pursue writing and photography with more vigor, cooking and baking, golf, hiking, target shooting — travel!!! — and a part time job working in a bookstore or at the Civic Center here in Des Moines where they put on concerts and plays.

        I’ll be interested in hearing what new directions you decide to take. Keep me posted!

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