gratitude week: day three


I am a morning person and I love when the light of morning greets me

and begins to make its presence

when it dances and bounces with the shadows, on the walls and furniture.

We actually lost our power last night, so we relied on this candle for light. I am grateful for morning light, candles and electricity.

DSCN0167And for the simple beauty of this box

You will find other thoughts of gratitude here


8 thoughts on “gratitude week: day three

    • Hi Julie, unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot of history behind it, except that my grandmother whom I did not get to spend very much time with, gave it to me. Her name was Martina and I do have one memory of being with her one time. She gave my sister and I a few things. I do know that she was a sweet and humble woman that had several rowdy sons, including my father.

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