Like a Sponge

On Tuesday my husband had a morning appointment at the Portland, Veterans hospital. Other than driving by Portland we had not visited the city. While Mr.G, went to the various departments, I went outside to try to locate an area where I could get a decent view of Portland. It would have been easier to just go up a few flights, via the elevator, but I chose to brave the cold and wind and go outside. Because of my small town upbringing I get enthused about seeing new sights. I think I mentioned that in yesterday’s post. I absorb the scenery, sights and colors, kind of like a sponge. For my newer readers, I often take photographs while my husband is driving. Reason being is that I don’t want to miss anything interesting. As we drove up to the hospital I noticed water and I got so excited. The rode was windy and there were no full views because of all the trees. By the time we got to the hospital, I was eager to start exploring. I could overwhelm you with what I saw, so instead, I will keep my composure and dole out the photos a few at a time..



DSCN0336-004Mt St Helens in the background



7 thoughts on “Like a Sponge

  1. Most of my Portland experience has been a quick drive by heading to or from Southern California. It’s fun to stop and sit a spell and enjoy some of the views not from the car window!!

  2. what beautiful things your eyes saw and so strange I was there in Portland mid October and I fell in love with OR. I flew into Portland and drove to Manzanita. On my way back I had dinner with a good friend of mine who lives in Portland. It was just so nice. I hope all is well with your husband. You had mentioned your walk to see the sights and also mentioned the hospital then. I had not thought (silly me) to see if the reasons were okay or if it was a standard type appointment? Hope all is well. I’m just now getting to know you so I have lots of catch up. I do love your love of photography and taking it ALL in.

  3. I can see why you don’t want to take the elevator. There’s no view in there. (Except Cee at did a cute shot of inside an elevator – another story…) Keep on truckin’

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