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He got up to the sound of a dog barking. He hemmed and hawed and complained as was his same response when he heard the dogs barking and really got rattled when the neighborhood children rode their bikes by  his home. All he heard was screaming and laughter. Outta be a law against happiness he thought to himself. He looked out the window and it was another bleak day, in his mind. Color had left the old man’s life. All days looked the same. Since his wife passed away and his kids refused to talk to him, his heart had hardened and he refused to see beauty in his world. He only listened to the endless pessimistic rants of the news media. Always siding with those that pushed their negative opinions on those that listened. November had moved quickly. Not fast enough for the old buzzard, as he was secretly called by his neighbors. They had initially attempted to befriend him many months ago when they were new to the area, but he immediately rejected any offer of friendship. He looked at his calendar. He was surprised to see that the next day was Thanksgiving. Just another day to him. He pondered for a moment and remembered that he had a  tv  dinner in the freezer, so there was no need to make a trip to town.

DSCN0107-002Despite his attitude he managed to keep Mollie’s Antique store going. He knew she would be pleased.There for just a moment he felt a tingle of warmth, but he quickly dismissed it.  It was a wonder that their business continued to thrive considering his lack of personality. It could have been a deal breaker and a deterrent to many.  But what saved him was their vast collection of unusual antiques and eclectic junk that they had hunted for in their forty years of marriage.

DSCN8574They had been a team and without her, life really was not worth living.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen… Ephesians 4:29